We are excited about our new website. After a good month of testing with different templates, I seem to get a idea what type of template we need and which one fits our needs the most.

Squarespace "Horizon" template

First I rolled a while with the Squarespace "Horizon" template. The page design of "Horizon" is more or less exactly what I am looking for in a website. It has this awesome index page which you can link to the navigation bar and by scrollling the index page, the active link scrolls within the navigation bar . By this method, you can unlik certain pages like a blog and only after someone is interested in seeing more posts than in the summary listed on the page within the index, one can click the "Read More" button and gets redirected to the unlinked blog page. 

Also "Horizon" like most other templates support a second navigation which is great for a "Contact" or "FAQ"  section. It has a Pre-Footer section as well. The Pre-Footer is always visible on every page as the usual Footer. "Horizon" comes with a "Shop" within the template which is great but the "Shop" can be manually added in any template. 

Sqaurespace "Adversary" template

What I was missing from beginning in "Horizon" was Parallax scrolling. Unfortunatelly I had to find out after building most of my website pages, that the Squarespace "Horizon" template does not support Parallax scrolling. This led me to install the "Adversary" template. It has almsot the same design as "Horizon" but has Parallax scrolling available. This is the template our website antaso.clm ks currently designed with. It was easy to switch to the new template after activating it. The only thing I had to do was re-order my previously created indexes and pages. Add banner images and adjust the styles of the website like fonts and heading sizes etc. and I was more or less back on track. "Adversary" does not support Parallax on Gallery pages but I don't know yet if this will be an issue in future. The index page supports Parallax scrolling via "banners on a regular page sections" where many other Squarespace templates suppprt Parallax scrolling with "background images behind regular page sections". I will keep working within the transfered pages from the orginal "Horizon" build to the new "Adversary" template.

The "Mojave" template

I do also like the "Mojave" template and will see If there is a benefit to our website index pages with background images behind a regular page rather than having the Parallax effect via the banner of a page section. 

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All the best